Pheromone traps for monitoring drugstore beetles and carpet beetles

The targets are flying insects frequently found in food and rice processing plants, museums including art museums, drugstores, warehouses, where they infest grains and their processed foods. Because of their cautious nature, these insects are hard to capture with ordinary traps HIRESIS is a specialized trap designed for cautious insects, and is capable of efficient monitoring. The traps for the drugstore beetle are only available from FUJI FLAVOR in the world.

Features of HIRESIS

1. Pheromone traps for monitoring two species of insect pests
  • Applicable to drugstore beetles and varied carpet beetles (with different lures for each species)
  • Useful for early detection of the target insects, determining their source, and investigating seasonal variation in their emergence.
  • A highly safe product containing no insecticide.
2 Precisely matched to the behavior patterns of the target insects, and easy to use
  • Designed by professionals that thoroughly study behavior of insects.
  • Effectively capture cautious insects with our unique custom slide
  • The lures are covered with controlled-release film, making their effectiveness last for a month.
  • Easy to assemble easy to use and simple disposal after use.


(A)  Location Place traps on the wall 1.5 meters above the floor

(B)  Intervals 5 to 10 m interval recommended.

Assembling the trap



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