Pheromone traps for monitoring moths

Moths are flying insects. Often found indoors such as in factories and warehouses for food, milled rice and tobacco. They cause harm to grains and to processed foods. As moths always rank among the top cause of product contamination GACHON is widely used in the food industry

Features of GACHON

1. Pheromone traps for monitoring moths
  • Target three moth species well known as food pests (different lures are used for each species)
  • Useful for early detection of moths, determining their source, and investigating seasonal variation in their emergence
  • A highly safe product containing no insecticide.
2. Precisely matched to the behavior patterns of the target insects, and easy to use
  • Designed by professionals that thoroughly study behavior of tobacco beetle
  • A tough glue paper not affected by dust or scales
  • The lures are covered with controlled-release film, making their effectiveness last for a month
  • User friendly with easy assembly and disposal.


(A)  Location Place traps on the wall 1.5 m above the floor

(B)  Intervals 5 to 10 m interval recommended

  • Avoid placing the traps near machinery or production lines, as they may attract insects to these places
  • Placing traps near building entrances may attract insects inside. Locate them 10 to 20 m away from entrances and exits.

Assembling the trap



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