Pheromone traps for monitoring crawling insect that infest foods such as grains and other processed food

These traps are effective for crawling insect found indoors in food, flour, milled wheat, and milled rice factories and warehouses, which cause harm to grains and processed foods.Besides eating grains, these pests leave behind crushed powders that can attract other insect pests, raising fears of secondary damage. TORIOS has dust proof capabilities making it optimal for use in environments such as factories and warehouse with large amounts of powder and dust. To enable stable montoring.

Features of TORIOS

1) Pheromone traps for monitoring crawling insects which are major pests in the food industry
  • Targeting seven species of insects. TORIOS allows users to monitor a variety of crawling stored-product insects by changing lures
  • Useful for early detection of these insects. Determining their source, and investigating seasonal variation in their emergence
  • A highly safe product containing no insecticide.
2) Precisely matched to the behavior patterns of the target insects, and easy to use
  • Designed by professionals that thoroughly study behavior of insects.
  • The lures are covered with controlled-release film, making their effectiveness last for a month
  • Aggregation pheromone lures attract both male and female adults.
  • Excellent durability and easy to use.
  • Counting captured insects is easy because they are all on the glue sheet
Reusable traps

TORIOS is reusable by simply changing the lures and glue board, supporting cost-efficient and eco-friendly pest management.


(A)  Location: Place the traps on the floor.

(B) Intervals Intervals: 5 to 10m interval recommended

* Avoid placing the traps near machinery or production lines, as they may attract insects to these places.

* Placing traps near building entrances may attract insects inside Locate them 10 to 20m away from entrances and exits.

Assembling the trap




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