Company Profile


WHO is Green Agro Science Co.,ltd.

Green Agro Science operates since 10 April 2002 by Dr.Chaiwat Chanpitak who founder of Green Agro Science co.,ltd. He has long experiences in pest control industry for over 20 years.

Green Agro Science operates for sell pest control products and supporting anybody or any company who need to use/have pest control tools. We import a lot of best products from world top country for our customers. As pest control industry is very important and not anyone can do it. But Green Agro Science can make the concept of “Do It Yourself” and “Alway understand your needs” for our customers.


We also have our own products call “Green Production” such as Green EVO (cockroach gel), Green Smart (glue product), Green Bird Net (bird control product) and Sandee Product (insect light trap) to support our customer.

Our Mission

Our huge mission is, to support our customer by pest control tools and make our customers to become professional in pest control. Our customers are come from different industry, because we have high experience in pest control service with good quality control by academician who have high knowledge and skill to support our customers. Our employees also have high standards in knowledge and skill, by our IPM Training Course.

Pest Management Marketing


Nowadays, Thailand has meanly income from doing Agriculture, Industry and tourism. They all need pest control service or pest control tools but pest control industry has very small number compare to Agriculture, Industry and tourism industry. As we have very long experience on pest control service so we can know that we need to have more new technology from around the world to support every industry in Thailand.


Also, Peoples are living in a modern world that numbers of the population will to higher every year, that’s making our cities bigger than before and that generate the high population of pests too. We know all of people not willing to live in the house with pest because pest has disease that why our company will operate and support our customers with professional process and tools.




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