STORGARD STGB/MGB For Sawtooth and Merchant Grain Beetle

For Sawtooth and Merchant Grain Beetle

Assembly Instruction
Remove components from carton. Each carton includers:


  • Trap/catch reservoirs (5) pieces
  • Dome covers (5) pieces
  • Adsorbent pads (10) pieces
  • Oil-based food (kairomone) attractant container (1) piece

Place an absorbent pad in the bottom of the catch reservoir.

(Five additional pads are included for use when renewing the oil bait bi-weekly.) Saturate (avoid excess) the pad with oil from the oil-filled container. The kit contains enough oil to recharge each trap four times. Do not discard used oil container within storage facility.
Align projections on DOME cover with indents on base and snap the two parts together. When handling trap, grasp the indents in the cover lightly with your fingers. Trap in now ready for placement.




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